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Expert Videographer and Photographer based in Inverness Scotland and beyond

Inverness Scotland Local Videographer and Photographer Near Me | Videography and Photography

Our Story

Who are we and what do we do?

At Flying Scotsman Productions, we are a team of passionate and experienced videographers and photographers based in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness. Our expertise lies in capturing the essence of your brand, business, or event through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling.

Whether you require corporate headshots to elevate your professional image, promotional videos to showcase your products or services, live event coverage to immortalise unforgettable moments, or attention-grabbing TV advertisements to captivate your audience, our foremost goal is to narrate your unique story with precision and creativity.

Combining state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge techniques, and a keen eye for detail, we craft visual masterpieces that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our team of talented videographers and photographers work closely with you, ensuring a collaborative process that aligns with your vision and delivers exceptional results.

Backed by years of experience and a deep passion for our craft, Flying Scotsman Productions is your trusted partner for all your videography and photography needs in Inverness and throughout Scotland. Let us bring your story to life with our exceptional skills and unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Latest Project

Go behind the scenes with IDM Energy, a renewable energy company based in Inverness, Scotland with sustainability at the heart of their organisation.

We spent 2 days with the team capturing behind-the-scenes photography and videography to produce this promotional video for the company.

Inverness Scotland Local Videographer and Photographer Near Me | Videography and Photography
Inverness Scotland Local Videographer and Photographer Near Me | Videography and Photography
Inverness Scotland Local Videographer and Photographer Near Me | Videography and Photography
Video production Inverness

Our Services

We're a full-service media production company offering premium videography, photography, and drone services in Inverness, Scotland. Let our talented team from Flying Scotsman Productions bring your creative ideas to life with stunning cinematic footage and captivating imagery from commercials, live events, podcasts, and more!

Why Work With Us?

Unparalleled Local Expertise

As a photographer and videographer based in Inverness, Scotland, we offer unmatched local knowledge and an insider's perspective. Our team intimately understands the region's breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique shooting locations. We leverage this expertise to capture the essence of Inverness in a way that sets our work apart from outsiders.

Masterful Storytelling

We are more than just photographers and videographers – we are masterful storytellers. Our team has a keen eye for capturing authentic moments and weaving them into a cohesive narrative that resonates emotionally. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or personal portrait session, we craft a visually stunning story that truly brings your memories to life.

Personalized, Boutique Experience

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized, boutique experience tailored to each client's unique needs and vision. From our initial consultation to the final product delivery, we offer a level of attention and customization that larger studios cannot match. Our goal is to make you feel valued, understood, and confident that your special moments are in the hands of passionate professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge?
    Our rates are based on the specific needs and scope of each project. We take into account factors like filming locations, number of crew members required, equipment needs, and the complexity of the post-production editing process. Our aim is to provide transparent, customized pricing packages that deliver exceptional value while meeting the highest standards of professional videography services in the Inverness, Scotland area.
  • Why should I hire a videographer?
    We believe hiring a professional videography team is invaluable for capturing high-quality, engaging video content. Our experienced crew has the specialized equipment, creative vision, and technical expertise to transform your ideas into stunning visuals that truly resonate with your target audience. By partnering with us, you can elevate your brand's storytelling abilities and create a powerful emotional connection through the impactful medium of videography.
  • How long should a video be?
    We understand that the ideal video length depends on several factors like the video's purpose, target audience, and distribution channels. While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, our team carefully considers aspects such as viewer attention spans, content depth, and platform requirements to recommend the most effective video duration. Whether it's a snappy 30-second social media teaser or an in-depth long-form piece, we tailor the length to maximise viewer engagement and ensure your message resonates powerfully.
  • What is considered a high quality video?
    We define high quality video through a combination of technical excellence and creative storytelling. From a technical perspective, this includes factors like high resolution footage, proper lighting, quality audio, and skilled editing and color grading. However, we also firmly believe that true high quality video must effectively capture the emotion, energy and essence of the subject matter in a visually compelling way that connects with the intended audience. Bringing together both the technical mastery and artistic vision is what allows us to consistently deliver video content of the highest caliber.
  • How can I save money on a videographer?
    One way to potentially save money on videography services is to carefully scope out the project requirements in advance. By being clear about factors like desired video length, number of shoot locations, and level of editing needed, we can propose efficient production plans that maximize value. Additionally, we often provide package deals for bundling multiple video projects together, which can lead to cost savings over hiring a videographer per individual project.
  • How to select a videographer?
    We recommend selecting a videographer by first reviewing their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. It's also important to check client testimonials and discuss your specific needs to gauge their flexibility and understanding of your project. Lastly, ensure their availability and pricing fit within your budget and timeline.
  • How many types of videography are there?
    We recognize that videography encompasses a wide range of styles and types, each tailored to different needs and audiences. Some of the main categories include event videography, corporate videography, documentary videography, promotional videography, and cinematic videography. Each type requires specific techniques and expertise to effectively capture and convey the desired message or story.
  • What type of videos are popular?
    We observe that popular video types include engaging short-form content such as TikToks and Instagram Reels, as well as immersive, long-form storytelling through platforms like YouTube and streaming services. Additionally, we see a growing interest in educational content, vlogs, and high-quality cinematic experiences that captivate audiences across various demographics.
  • What clothes look best on camera during video shoot?
    We recommend wearing solid, neutral colors for video shoots, as they tend to look best on camera. Avoid busy patterns and overly bright colors, as these can be distracting and may not translate well on screen. Opting for fitted, comfortable clothing will also help you appear more polished and professional on camera.
  • What is expected of a videographer?
    Our videographers capture high-quality, compelling footage that aligns with our creative vision and client goals. This includes pre-production planning, proficient operation of camera and audio equipment, and post-production editing to deliver polished, engaging final products. Additionally, strong communication and collaboration skills are essential to ensure seamless coordination with our team and clients.
  • Is it worth it to hire a professional photographer?
    Absolutely. Professionals have the expertise, equipment, and experience to capture high-quality, memorable images that amateur photography cannot match.
  • How can I look good in pictures if I am not photogenic?
    A skilled photographer can guide you with posing, lighting, and camera techniques to bring out your best features and create flattering portraits.
  • How do I find the right photographer?
    Research portfolios and reviews to find a photographer whose style aligns with your vision. Arrange consultations to discuss your needs and ensure you connect with their approach.
  • How to prepare for a photoshoot?
    Coordinate outfits, groom appearance, scout locations, communicate shot lists and vision, and ensure proper rest to look refreshed.
  • When you hire a photographer who owns the pictures?
    In the UK, the photographer typically owns the copyright to the images unless specified otherwise in a contract.
  • How do you know if a photographer is a professional?
    Look for a strong portfolio, professional gear, business credentials, experience shooting in various conditions, and a confident, skilled demeanor.
  • What qualifies as a photographer?
    A photographer is someone who uses photographic equipment and techniques to capture and create images, whether as a professional or hobbyist.
  • What makes me look better in pictures?
    Proper lighting, flattering angles, relaxed posture, and a genuine smile can enhance your appearance in photographs.
  • What to include in a photography inquiry?
    Provide details about the type of shoot, location, date, number of people/subjects, specific requirements, and your budget.
  • What makes a good photographer?
    Technical skills, artistic vision, ability to direct subjects, attention to detail, adaptability, and a passion for capturing meaningful moments.

Some Of Our Clients

Leys Castle Car & Coach - Inverness Videography and Photography

“We can’t thank Scott enough for the professional drone footage he put together for D & E Coaches.

We are able to see a live view of what the drone sees and sets the whole scene in one shot, of the beautiful scenery of the “Highlands” alongside our fleet of Vehicles – the drone captured it all”

Golf Course Inverness Photography and Videography

“We were delighted with the quality of drone video provided by Scott MacDonald and would highly recommend his service. 


His drone was terrific for capturing aerial shots of the Inverness Golf Course and the film he put together was superb"

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